Thursday, 9 June 2011


I got my results back today... So surreal to think that, this is it! I'm done! After all those years of hard work and education, it's all suddenly melted away.

And yes, I'm ready for the next thing, but there is a certain bittersweet quality to it all... The end of an era, as cliched as that expression may be, it's true.

Some grades were better than expected, some worse, but overall?

I'm happy.


  1. You should be so happy. You did incredibly well! I am so so proud of you

  2. Did you just graduate from college (or university)? I graduated earlier this year and have mixed feelings about it, too. Even though my days as a student are over and I'll really miss them, I'm happy overall as well.

  3. Yes, I did, such a weird feeling! What did you major in?

  4. I studied English. What about you?