Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beautiful Thoughts

Sometimes I feel as if I could write more, and more importantly, write more beautiful things, if I had something gorgeous to write with, or on.

Case in point, this pink, vintage typewriter;

Or these cute little owl note cards;

Owl Stationary Collection

I also quite like these craft embellishment kits as well. They come in a few different varieties on Etsy, but my favourite is either the pink one or the white one. I can't quite decide. But they would be amazing to use when getting creative or scrapbooking.

Pink Craft Embellishment Kit


White Embellishment Kit

And white.

Now that I've finished my degree, and will have a lot of spare time when in Spain, I need to think of some more hobbies to do. I quite like being creative in various ways, so perhaps I shall invest more time (and pretty things) into my creativity. Hmm...



  1. These are so beautiful!
    I'm especially in love with the typewriter!
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back?

  2. I love the typewriter, I used to have a really old one but it broke a few years ago :(
    Follow me, i'll follow back? x