Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Little Corner of the World

I love exploring new things and places. Equally, I love reading. So when those two pair up, it can lead to some pretty perfect hours. 

I have many favourite places to read... Curled up in a blanket on the sofa, when it's raining outside.... On a summery balcony in Spain... In Starbucks... On an island beach in Greece... On a train or plane to somewhere new, rushing along by night... 

But I think what takes the experience to a whole new level is when the pairing up of place and book just seems to fit. My most memorable pairing up was reading this book:

image                                                                     Here:


On ruined castle walls....

Stormy beaches...


It felt like we were forging a little corner of the world, all for ourselves...

So although I was more than happy to leave Aberystwyth, I made a lot of happy memories there, and miss living by the sea. Especially on a stormy day. 


  1. oooOo. That sounds like a lovely plan.

    I love to read, too! I like that I can actually choose what I want to read in the summer, instead of having an assigned reading list during the semester.

  2. These are beautiful pictures! I always read when I go on vacation and my family gets after me for it, haha.