Here are some of my favourite books.

Most of these are not the most erudite or sophisticated books I have read - being an English Literature graduate, I don't want to bore you with some of those!

Instead, I have selected some of the more entertaining books that have intrigued me over the years. Let me know what you think if you read any of them! Also, I am always open to suggestions, if you have any recommendations for me as well.

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I read this only recently. Amazing! The story shifts between different time schemes and locations, (I especially enjoyed the depiction of Paris in the 20s and 30s). It is a great addition to the flotilla of supernatural books, but with a unique twist. But the thing I particularly enjoyed? The depiction of the elegant, tough as nails, chic eighty something woman. Something that I have actually never seen portrayed in a book before, and made me smile.

                        The Gargoyle


One of my absolute favourites. The Gargoyle is a bit gory/explicit to begin with, and as I am very squeamish, solicited many grimaces from me to begin with. So many pages in though, I became irrevocably drawn into the plot, and loved the character of Marianne. She has to be one of the more inspiring book heroines that I have. And the passages about food? Mmmm.

                    The Hunger Games

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Set in a dystopian future, this trilogy of books sees the heroine, Katniss, participate in the annual contest, The Hunger Games. A brilliant, epic story, and thoroughly imaginative. These are books to lose yourself in!

                   Shiver, Linger, Forever

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If you loved Twilight, you'll like these books. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Forever, the final part of the trilogy, this summer. Atmospheric, moody and a really enjoyable read. Perfect for reading snuggled up under a blanket when it's raining outside.

                             Doctor Zhivago

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An absolute classic. An enduring love story. An epic book.

             The Elegance of the Hedgehog

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This book consistently vies for number one on my favourites list. A French, intellectual novel, it's scope takes in philosophy, a love of languages, food, art, and generally all things cultural. The characters are endearing - a young girl, a concierge and a rich Japanese businessman who are all immensely intelligent. The setting is a charming French apartment complex, with lovely big apartments, and lots of erudite, witty musings.

                    The Russian Concubine

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An amazing love story, set in the past, in pre-revolutionary China, in a colonised area. The protagonist, Lydia, is a strong, smart, brave heroine, and the challenges she faces will keep you hooked throughout the book. The sequel, The Secret Concubine, and the latest book in the story, the prequel; The Jewel of St Petersburg, are great also. However, I suggest that you read this book first. It is the best of the set, and the one in which you become attached to the characters.

                         Eat Pray Love


A non-fiction book, Elizabeth Gilbert goes on an extraordinary journey after becoming divorced. Now a film starring Julia Roberts (also great, but read the book first!), Elizabeth lives in three different countries during the period of a year, and recounts her experiences from each one, in a series of delightful observances and thoughts. Italy. India. Indonesia. I particularly enjoyed the segments from Italy. A charming and witty book!

                          The Historian

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Another vampire story. But a thrilling one that takes in different time periods and evocative locations throughout the world. The writing is rich and evocative, and the plot will draw you in.

                The Time Traveller's Wife


One of the most imaginative and best love stories I've found in literature. The premise is highly unique, and the book weaves a seamless tapestry of one relationship from the very beginnings to the end, across the years and challenges. An enduring story.

    The True Blood Books (Sookie Stackhouse series)


I own all eleven of these, and am always kept waiting for the next one! They are highly enjoyable to read, and I love the depictions of living in small town Louisiana. The books are gripping, and the stories imaginative and unique. The beauty of reading a book series, is that you really get to grips with the identity of the characters as you see them face new challenges and continually evolve; they almost become friends that you can't wait to rediscover each time the next book is published!