Saturday, 3 September 2011

Siestas and Thunderstorms

We're all moved in to our new apartment now! And besides the fact that it doesn't have a bath (I am heartbroken over this), the rest of the place actually far exceeds our expectations. Like, it has bar stools! I've always wanted an apartment with a breakfast bar and barstools! And I am working on creating my very own writing room... More on this later.

I have also re-experienced two things that I missed last year:

1) Spanish Siestas. Or, more specifically, siestas that last for hours, during which the streets are empty, the parks are empty, and it is the most fun to go shopping in the supermarket.

2) Thunderstorms. Yes, I know technically there are thunderstorms in the UK, but not like this. These are really dramatic storms that appear out of nowhere, flooding the cobbled streets and crash directly above you. So lovely and atmospheric when you're inside watching out the window.


image from here. Yes it's not my thunderstorm, but I like this picture.


  1. Good luck with your new apt! Picture of a TS is awesome!

    Ask Erena

  2. wohooo hope you enjoy my home country! how i miss my dear spain... but glad you are all moved in, hope you like it :)

  3. Congrats on moving into your apartment! Can't wait to see pictures of your writing space!