Thursday, 16 June 2011

I Need A Cat

Ten Reasons why I need a cat.

1) Blogs with cats are just better. 

from ColormeKatie. 

from anonymouswasawoman

2) Cats are adorable models for photographs.

3) I want to watch a movie with a cat. And if we are watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, I shall shield it's eyes at the appropriate moments... And then we can give the cat a name.

4) I love how independent cats are. Yet they equally love being fussed.

5) Michael is adorably amazing to watch around cats. He can, quite literally, spend hours playing with them. So cute!

6) Cats are funny.

7) Michael and I have never owned a pet together.

8) Cats are very cute.

9) I am always jealous of other people's cats.

10) They have tiny paws and pink noses.


  1. I love cats, and pretty much every animal! I just came across this darling video yesterday, and I've already watched it like 10 times.

    P.S. Thanks for the traveling tips! I was actually born in Oxford but I haven't been to the UK since I was like 15, so appreciate your advice!

  2. Thanks for the video - it's literally the cutest thing I've seen in ages! And you're more than welcome for the tips, sorry I got so carried away! But have a lovely time :)

  3. Hi, Thanks for the follow and the cute comment! I also can agree cats are awesome. It is now almost a year ago that I got mine from the shelter and he's always there for some comic relief.