Monday, 9 May 2011

Next stop... Spain

It's the end of an era. We've officially moved out of our apartment and London, and aside from a brief stay in Chelmsford, we'll be graduating and looking for work for the summer. But the next big thing ahead of us, is Spain. Yep, the return to Puente Genil.

Only this time, there will be no reason to leave, as we always knew we had to before. We also already have an apartment provisionally reserved over the summer for us, and my thoughts and dreams are full of ideas to make it pretty and home-like. Michael and I have been together for four and a half years, and during that time, we've lived in Aberystwyth, London, Birmingham, Puente Genil, Northampton and London again. So we are extremely happy and excited to live somewhere for more than a year together! We've wanted a more permanent base for a while now, and all the cleaning and packing and leaving our apartment yesterday only cemented this further. So, provided everything goes well with the jobs and we are wanted there, we'd ideally like to stay in Spain for a while now.

Which means that this will be our Pueblo:

With little cobbled, winding streets  

And enigmatic, old buildings peeking around corners

I've already started daydreaming about decorating ideas, and have ordered this to take with us: 
(the following images thanks to Google)

Yes, I know it's French, but I've always wanted a copy of this print! 

And I also would really really love this: 

And since we're talking about dream apartments, none would be complete without one of these:

But I might be getting a bit carried away now... 

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  1. Aww it looks so pretty! I can't wait to come and visit. Btw I love the chat noir pciture...I have a bookmark with it on! I bet the apartment will look lovely after you've made it yours! :)

    P.s. Revision is not going very well, I do not know what to revise for Milton!