Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I have always been a very ambitious person, and since Michael is too, being together makes us think seriously about all the things we can achieve together. And, since I love making to-do lists, it is only natural that I have made one of things I want to achieve this summer!

1) Get my degree.
2) Learn more Espanol.
3) Add another 20 books to my reading challenge list.
4) Tone up.
5) Get some more work experience.

Of course, my life list is a lot longer and tends to fluctuate, depending on what I'm currently scheming, but penultimately includes items such as; travel the world, start our own business, get a book published etc.

It is extremely fulfilling when I look back at older lists I've made several years ago, and am able to tick off things I've completed! Recent examples include get a TEFL, live abroad and write a book.

Hopefully in another five years I can tick off many more!

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