Friday, 27 May 2011

Dreaming of Seville

I've just been to the cinema to watch the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, and I have to say, despite what the critics said, I loved it more than I thought I would! Some of that undoubtedly comes from seeing the film set when we lived in London, (I saw Johnny Depp's trailer!), and knowing the buildings in Greenwich well. You know the scene when Captain Jack Sparrow was here:

Yep, been there!

The slight Latin twist to it, with the portrayal of Cadiz, the Spanish Caribbean, the music, and obviously the starring of Penelope Cruz; immediately drew my mind to Spain. In particular, the Spanish culture.

Although obviously I am extremely excited to live in Puente Genil again, and absorb the cultura española, part of me really really wants to experience living here:

I feel like when we travel, certain places just captivate me entirely. These places retain such a hold upon me, that I leave a little piece of my heart in each one, and wish to return to them, perhaps to live in.

Seville is one such place.... perdí mi corazón en sevilla.


  1. You have never gotten excited about seeing my trailer....

  2. But I am much more excited each and every time I see or hear you...