Tuesday, 10 May 2011

5 things I'm loving right now... And 5 I'm not.

 5 Things I'm loving right now....

                                                     1) Michael. Goes without saying.

2) Fashion. J'adore Dior, c'est belle, non?

3) My iPad. Quite addictive.

4) That little blue box. 

5) New Pirates movie out soon! Will it be the same or not? 

...And 5 I'm not

                                                     1) Being away from these cute little things.

2) Revision. And multiple headaches. And stress. And revision.

                                  3) Thursday. My doom awaits me. Otherwise called Milton. Or Lacan.

                                         4) What is up with Starbucks' new mocha frappuccino?

                                                5)  Yoomoo deprivation. This is very serious.

(images courtesy of Google. Apart from the handsome photo of Michael. I took that).

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