Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Soup Addiction

Yes, I have a soup addiction. It's quite strange really. It started out when I was looking for a light, healthy meal to have instead of salad on my diet. There was some soup in the cupboard. And so began... My soup diet.

You see, I've tried to be a salad person, but I'm just not. I have to add lots of yummier, more unhealthy things for it to interest me. And then, I still sit there eating it with the facial expression of a martyr. So thus begins my love affair with soup. A small bowl of soup with some wholemeal toast to dunk in it. I've turned down my favourite, the ubiquitous cream of tomato for healthier versions with some protein, so that they make a good meal substitute.

Carrot and lentil, spiced Moroccan chickpea, lightly spiced roasted squash and sweet potato... (The last one was my favourite, mmmm). And the funny thing is, as long as I don't go crazy and eat healthily for breakfast and lunch, it's working! I've lost weight in just a week of doing this!

So now, I'm a girl on a mission.

Step One: Buy a blender in Spain. 

Philips 400 Watt Double Action Blade Blender - Silver

Step Two: Invent, find recipes and make my own, healthier soups. 

Good vegetable soup

Step Three: Use lots of vegetables and experiment with beans and pulses. Just don't add cream!

So wish me luck and I shall keep you posted about how it goes!




  1. This sounds like a great idea! I'm not a salad girl either, unless it has a lot of fruit in it.

  2. Looks so yummy! I love soup :)

  3. Hi girl.. ur blog is so inspiring! rich of ideas!! and many other cool things...

    hope u come visit me..


  4. I love soup as well! :) Your blog is so cute hun.

  5. Yum! That sounds so amazing. Can't wait to see how it goes!